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In-Home Physical Therapy - Tampa Bay, FL

We bring expert care to your doorstep, enhancing your recovery and well-being in the comfort of your home, without any travel!


Telehealth Physical Therapy

Access professional physical therapy guidance through secure online consultations, enhancing your convenience and safety


Remote Rehabilitation Consultations

Experience expert consultation from the comfort of your own space, ensuring you optimize your rehabilitation journey.


Guided Therapy

Therapeutic Exercises and Activities guided by your therapist one on one


Heat and cold therapy, ultrasound, E-stim/TENS, Biofeedback, Iontophoresis


Manual Therapy

Range of Motion
Joint Mobilization
Manual Traction
Soft tissue mobilization/massage


Functional Training

Patients can regain their independence and ability to participate in their activities of daily living, work and recreation


Gait Training

Improve walking with/without prosthetics, assistive devices and orthotics with specific exercises that increase strength and balance


Neuromuscular Re-education

Educates patients on how they can retrain their neural pathways through therapeutic activities, exercises and modalities.

Vestibular Therapy

A series of therapeutic exercises, activities and maneuvers utilized to improve your vestibular function, balance and mobility.

LSVT BIG Certified

LSVT BIG is a program created to help individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease remain independent and functional


Core Strengthening

Assists with lower back pain and pelvic conditions

Wellness Program

Obtain greater upper/lower/core body strength, increase flexibility and improve endurance. Reach significant athletic gains in agility, power and balance. Achieve weight loss and enhance your quality of life

Postural Training

Retrain patients postural muscles to maintain proper alignment

Mobilization Sessions

Therapeutic massage and stretching

Providing a Professional & Honest Approach to Physical Therapy

Our mission is to help patients restore functionality in a diverse compassionate environment to drive independence and achieve extraordinary outcomes. 

Benefits & Services

Relieve pain

Patients can achieve relief of pain at Tampa Bay Physical Therapy LLC through in-home services

Improve Movement

Patients can improve their movement through guided therapeutic activities and exercises, as well as manual therapy

Prevent Injuries & Surgery

Physical therapy is known as being a holistic, conservative method of helping patients heal

Recover from Sport Injury

Rehabilitate at home through therapeutic exercises and activities

Worker's Compensation

 Help address concerns and recover following an injury at work

Rehab for Neurological disorders

 Patients are in caring hands after diagnosis of a Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis, or Parkinson’s 

Rehab for Vestibular Disorders

Conservative therapeutic activities and exercises can address the root cause of the symptoms.

Rehab for Pediatrics

Parents can feel secure with in-home treatments for their children

Auto Accident

Helping with at-home Rehab following an Automobile Accident

Rehab for Pelvic

Core strengthening to assist with Pelvic related issues


Ashleigh Casey
Ashleigh Casey
I have been going to physical therapy on and off since I was 18 and I always looked at it as a choir and didn't see the benefits. Since I started working with Dr. Kelly I have developed a whole new outlook. Her 1-1 approach in which she is tailoring my routine to be specific to my needs and lifestyle is refreshing and something I look forward to now instead of dreading like my past experiences. If only all physical therapist's took a page from her book!
Jami Xo
Jami Xo
I have seen a few physical therapists since my injury began back in 2010. None of them have been as thorough, compassionate and effective as Dr. Kelly. Most of the time you are treated as just another number. Dr. Baez truly cares about her patients and clearly loves her work. She is knowledgeable and encouraging. I have only been seeing her for 2 weeks but I’m already starting to see some improvement in mobility and range of motion. I feel hopeful for the first time in awhile during this journey. I just wanted to leave a review because she has gone out of her way to make me feel like she cares about whether or not my condition improves. Very much recommend Dr. Kelly.
Cameron McAliley
Cameron McAliley
Dr. Baez has been a tremendous help in my recovery process for both my sciatica nerve and rotator cuff injuries. The start from reviewing your injury to ensuring it does not happen again was successful, simple, and easy to follow. Highly recommend!
Ryan Prasad
Ryan Prasad
I was experiencing arm pain during my lifting sessions and quit doing the lifts that aggravated that pain. I ended up seeing Dr. Baez for a total of three sessions. The first one was the assessment, the second one I learned to take care of my injury, and after that I was pain free during my lifting sessions! I was discharged on my third visit. This was the miracle result I was hoping for! Thank you, Dr. Baez!
Dr. Kelly Baez is a lifesaver. Most physical therapy places down here are run like a business, with your pt giving you exercises off a template while juggling 3-5 different patients at the same time. Not her. She gives you a customized, individual care plan, truly gets to know your injury and meets you where you're at, doesn't push too hard, explains everything she does and why she does it, and genuinely cares about your well-being. It is clear by her services that she knows what she's talking about and wants you to get better. I have only been seeing her for two weeks and have already made progress! I'm glad I found Tampa Bay Pt Update: I had a very complicated shoulder injury for over a year before I saw her. When I wasn't progressing past a certain level, she suggested a treatment that ended up transforming my healing process (plasma injections). I went from not being able to open the microwave to doing push-ups!! Thank you so much for all of your help!!
Raghad Mohd
Raghad Mohd
I love going to the physical therapy here she’s the best and she helped me alot strengthen my legs and to balance out and she’s very helpful, caring, and sweet with her patients 💜
Suave Guap
Suave Guap
Dr. Kelly was amazing! She has guided me through my injuries and has brought me back to pain free life! If you like communication and feedback she is the one to see. Super professional, dedicated to her craft and loves her job. Thank you Kelly.
Brock Mangus
Brock Mangus
Incredible experience start to finish. Dr. Kelly takes pride in her work, and creates a true 1-on-1 environment rarely seen in physical therapy. Took me from having sharp hip pain to being pain free in under 6 weeks!! Strongly recommend for athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone looking for more mobility.
maria mundo 1
maria mundo 1
Hola . Mi nombre es Maria S. Mundo. Estoy sorprendida con los resul tados de mi terapia yo estu be antes en una y nunca mi re mejoría y a qui con la Dra. Joel estoy sorprendido claro con sentimientos encontrados porqué llegué sin movilidad en mi pie y a hora tengo mucha mejoría puedo decir que en todo la doctora es lo máximo se preocupa por sus pacientes de que mejoremos lo e visto en mi me motiva a seguir adelante con mis ejercicios y porqué yo me recupere y eso son pocos los que se preocupan yo se las recomiendo les aseguro que no se ban a repetir .de venir y conocer sus maravillosas manos su entrega su actitud su dedicación a cuidar de sus pacientesyo me siento parte de su familia es maravillosa es mi favorita.
Maribel Luna
Maribel Luna
Everything good . Good job. Buen servicio exelente trato. Buena comunicacion. 100% recomendado.

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