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Providing a Professional & Honest Approach to Physical Therapy

Our mission is to help patients restore functionality in a diverse compassionate environment to drive independence and achieve extraordinary outcomes. 

What we offer


Guided Therapy

Therapeutic Exercises and Activities guided by your therapist one on one


Heat and cold therapy, ultrasound, E-stim/TENS, Biofeedback, Iontophoresis


Manual Therapy

Range of Motion
Joint Mobilization
Manual Traction
Soft tissue mobilization/massage


Functional Training

Patients can come to the clinic to regain their independence and ability to participate in their activities of daily living, work and recreation


Gait Training

Improve walking with/without prosthetics, assistive devices and orthotics with specific exercises that increase strength and balance


Neuromuscular Re-education

Educates patients on how they can retrain their neural pathways through therapeutic activities, exercises and modalities.

Vestibular Therapy

A series of therapeutic exercises, activities and maneuvers utilized to improve your vestibular function, balance and mobility.

LSVT BIG Certified

LSVT BIG is a program created to help individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease remain independent and functional


Core Strengthening

Assists with lower back pain and pelvic conditions

Wellness Program

Obtain greater upper/lower/core body strength, increase flexibility and improve endurance. Reach significant athletic gains in agility, power and balance. Achieve weight loss and enhance your quality of life

Postural Training

Retrain patients postural muscles to maintain proper alignment

Mobilization Sessions

Therapeutic massage and stretching

Services & Benefits

Relieve pain

Patients can achieve relief of pain at Tampa Bay Physical Therapy LLC through multiple methods

Improve Movement

Patients can improve their movement through guided therapeutic activities and exercises, as well as manual therapy

Prevent Injuries & Surgery

Physical therapy is known as being a holistic, conservative method of helping patients heal

Recover from Sport Injury

Rehabilitate through therapeutic exercises and activities

Worker's Compensation

 Help address concerns and recover following an injury at work

Rehab for Neurological disorders

 Patients are in caring hands after diagnosis of a Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis, or Parkinson’s 

Rehab for Vestibular Disorders

Conservative therapeutic activities and exercises can address the root cause of the symptoms.

Rehab for Pediatrics

Parents can feel secure with treatments for their children

Auto Accident

Helping with recovery following an Automobile Accident

Rehab for Pelvic

Core strengthening to assist with Pelvic related issues


Cindi Cole
This has been THE best physical therapy experience I have EVER had and I've been to quite a few. Dr. Kelly is so educated and informative, she really helped me understand my injuries and what I can do to build up my strength and decrease my pain levels. The fact that they are available for therapy on Saturdays is a huge bonus!
Jabari Cunningham
Dr. Kelly Baez is truly one of a kind! It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a minor sprain or even post operation rehab, this is the place for you. You can expect one-on-one care tailored to your life goals partnered with an excitement for teaching you how to take care of your body. I’ve gone to other PTs before and I have NEVER been treated this well. I’d give leave a 6 star review if I could.
Rebecca Johnson
Great place. Very clean. Kelly is a wonderful therapist. She is very knowledgeable and cares for her patients. Her goal is to get you better and takes the extra time with you. Her PT approach is not only exercises but massage and stimulation the muscles to heal. I am glad that I came here and would recommend it to anyone who needs physical therapy.
Dylan Griggs
Dr. Kelly Baez helped me understand and come up with a plan for the injury I sustained from work! She’s super informative and helpful, consider coming here if you need help becoming mobile again!
Dr Kelly is thorough and compassionate. One on one therapy with full attention given to patients. Always on time, cheerful, and positive Highly recommend her.
John Keever
I had my second appointment with Dr. Kelly and she helped clarify some things I didn’t fully understand! So now I will go home and practice those things and see some improvements. During our session we did manual therapy which definitely helped calm my symptoms down and made them easier to manage! Thank you Dr. Kelly!
Eldon Gumbs
Greatest physical therapist I’ve ever met
Alyssa Uptegraff
Dr. Kelly is grwat! Super encouraging, but also puts emphasis on finding what works for your body, not just what “the book” says you should be able to do. I highly recommend Tampa Bay Physical Therapy, especially for those with hEDS or HSD in the Bay area who are wanting to find long term, full body care for strengthening
Jadon Jackson
I absolutely love this place! Dr. Kelly is not only super nice and personable but also great at what she does! 5 star service easy. The entire staff is great and I genuinely love coming to my physical therapy appointments!
John Keever
Dr. Kelly is an amazing DPT and an inspiration. She has been the most thorough PT and after visiting multiple 5 different PT’s for the same issue I finally feel a thorough examination was given to me. I’ve had chronic pain for 4 years and I’m hopeful to recover. Her science is sound, her logic is undeniable, and her diagnostic skills impeccable.

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